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So, yeah. This profile that you are reading is owned by a 14-year old girl, and it's currently my SUMMER vacation so for three months, I'm supposed to be free from school work and absolutely accessible when it comes to my fandoms >o<

I'm a proud Arashian. I really am :). I'm also a recent HSJ fan. I totally adore Kazunari Ninomiya [Arashi] and Yamada Ryosuke [HSJ]

So basically, I'm a fangirl. Yeah. A total fangirl. >o< You could pretty much say that 'cause I'm here for the sake of my FANDOMs :)

Sweet. Loving. That's what most people say about me. Well, I don't know for sure. All I know is that I'm simply me.

JPop fans out there? Yoroshiku! ♥

That's all I can say for now. Wanna be friends? Visit my DW Journal first. You'll know the rest! ;)

Other likes? Hm...

I love ice cream ♥
JPOP (of course ^^)
I love sweets, sweets, and sweets.
Sometimes, I wish I'm a fish 'cause I really love the ocean! :">
Reading's my thing.
I also write, when I feel like writing.
Dogs...! :)
Sungha Jung rocks!
SHINee's also pretty cool.
Minho! ♥ Taemin! ♥
I wanna be a multi-lingual someday...

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